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The Guns !

You will shoot a variety of guns on your 4x4xgun day all under strict guidelines from your NRA qualified instructor. Safety is paramount to us here at 4x4xgun so extensive training will be given before handling the firearms and we will ensure that your day is safe as well as fun.

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Pump Action Shotgun

Straight from the scenes of the latest action movie the pump action shotgun is a powerful 12 guage gun. Fitted with lazer and red dot holographic sights the shotgun is extremely powerful at short range capable of knocking down steel plate targets and destroying paper ones.

4x4xGun.com Smith Wesson .22 ©2013

Semi- Auto Shotgun

Pull the trigger and fire, bang, bang bang one after the other, quite an experience with a 12 guage shotgun. Packs quite a punch but being gas operated not nearly as hard work as a traditional over/under clay gun.

4x4xGun.com Smith Wesson .22 ©2013

.22 Calibre AR

The .22 round is the largest round legal to fire from a semi-automatic gun in the UK and theres no surprise why, capable of penetrating 4 inches of wood at 25 metres and fitted with a 25 round magazine its a powerful gun to handle. The good news is that there is very little recoil so the gun is easy to fire multiple rounds on target so is great fun. Fitted with lazer and holographic red dot sights its possible to put multiple rounds into the same hole - great fun.

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5.56 Calibre Sniper Rifle

The 5.56 calibre bullet is the same one used by the UK's (and most of the World) military, with an effective range of over 2 miles and a muzzle velocity of over 2800fps it is not a gun to be trifled with. We use a .223 straight pull AR, fitted with a powerful sniper scope so pin point accuracy can be achieved.

Superb! I can't believe how fast you can go on mud!John Smith, Devon
Not tried target shooting before, its a lot more fun than I thought!Kevin Thompson, London
The best fun I've had in a very very long time!Mark Davies, Northumberland
4x4xGunxFun!Peter Stamp, Northumberland