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What is Dynamic Shooting ?

Most target shooting is static; the shooter sits, kneels, lies down and shoots at a target a distance away, Dynamic Shooting is exactly as it sounds - the shooter has to move around to engage multiple targets from different positions. Its all timed against the clock, best score in shortest time taken wins.

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There are a variety of Dynamic Shooting disciplines ranging from Practical Shotgun which uses just shotguns to Multi Gun where the shooter uses rifles and shotguns together on a single stage but all involve an element of movement to complete the course of fire.

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We add a little bit of extra fun into the mix on your 4x4xgun day including moving targets, frangible targets (they break up) and even exploding targets depending on the package you select. Some of the courses of fire require more than just a combination of speed and accuracy, sometimes its almost like chess only that the when you take a pawn you shoot it!

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Dynamic Shooting is one of the safest forms of shooting in the UK, due in part to the fact that the shooter is always 'shadowed' by a Range Officer who acts as scorer and timer for each run. The RO ensures that the muzzle of the gun is always pointed downrange and that the gun is safely unloaded before and after each stage is completed.

To learn more about Dynamic Shooting and all its different forms have a look at details of the National Rifle Association as well as dedicated Dynamic Shooting Clubs and organisations, such as four4islands.org.

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