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The Buggies !

On your day at 4x4xgun you will get to drive three different off road buggies an Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000, a Polaris RZR900 and a Yamaha Rhino 700.

4x4xGun.com Arctic Cat Wildcat ©2013

Arctic Cat Wildcat

The Wildcat is fully race prepared for sprint and endurance racing and its won every race its been entered in. Benefiting from a full race clutch, welded crash frame and cage, race tuned suspension and Maxxis Big Horn race tyres. Safety is paramount and both driver and passenger have full four point harness, safety netting, an on board fire extinguisher and electrical cut off switch.

Top speed is over 80mph (which feels like 200mph when you are racing across a track) and with 18" of suspension travel the Wildcat can go anywhere and land well from some very high jumps.

The Wildcat can be driven in rear wheel drive or four wheel drive and runs a CVT transmission so no gears to worry about, just press and go.

4x4xGun.com Polaris RZR900 ©2013

Polaris RZR900

The RZR900 is the car we race in the RZR British Championship, where last year it scored several wins and an 2nd place overall in the Challenge Cup. Fully race prepared with race tuned suspension, a weld on cage as well as on board fire extinguisher, electrical cut off, Maxxis Big Horn tyres and four point safety harness for both driver and passenger.

Top speed is over 80mph and 12" of suspension travel means that it can literally take anything thrown at it.

The RZR can be driven in rear wheel or all wheel drive mode using a press and go CVT transmission so its an easy car to get in and drive.

4x4xGun.com Yamaha Rhino 700 ©2013

Yamaha Rhino 700

The Rhino is the car used for the Gun Run and the Blindfold Challenge, it has an amazingly tight turning circle so can be used in very tight courses and change direction quickly which is especially useful on the Gun Run.

Top speed is 50mph with 6" of suspension it really is able to go anywhere you point it, CVT transmission means its easy to drive which is important when you'll be driving it blindfold!

Superb! I can't believe how fast you can go on mud!John Smith, Devon
Not tried target shooting before, its a lot more fun than I thought!Kevin Thompson, London
The best fun I've had in a very very long time!Mark Davies, Northumberland
4x4xGunxFun!Peter Stamp, Northumberland