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What is 4x4xGun ?

4x4xGun is a unique entertainment experience combining off road buggy driving and dynamic shooting activities. Activities are available for the individual or a groups up to 100 people. The day involves racing in custom built off road race buggies in a variety of events and engaging in the sport of Dynamic Shooting where you run around shooting at targets with shot guns and semi-automatic rifles, it really is as fun as it sounds.

As you'd expect safety is paramount and during your day you will guided by qualified NRA Range officers and Instructors and highly experienced off road race car drivers. To get a real idea of what you're in for - take a look at some of the videos, it's the most exciting day you'll ever have!

The off vehicles you drive are fully race prepared Arctic Cat Wildcats and Polaris RXR900 race buggies. The cars are capable of over 80mph using selectable 2 and 4 wheel drive transmissions so are able to literally go anywhere at speeds you wouldn't think possible in an off road environment.

The cars are very lightweight (sub 600kg's) so literally fly over the rough ground unlike any other off road vehicle and are especially good at jumping, not something a Rage buggy or a Landrover are able to do. For full details of the cars see here.

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Dynamic shooting is an action shooting sport involving pump and semi-automatic shotguns, .22 calibre semi-automatic rifles and .223 high velocity sniper rifles. With most shooting sports the shooter remains still but with Dynamic Shooting you have to move about in order to engage each target.

Points are awarded for accuracy but also for speed, each event is timed so accuracy and speed is needed for maximum points. For full specifications of the guns used and more about the sport of Dynamic Shooting see here.

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As well as high speed off road racing and shooting there is also the highly popular Gun Run and Blindfold Challenge. In these events you drive a Yamaha Rhino 700 off road buggy which is fitted with a fully automatic M247 SAW machine gun with a 3000 capacity magazine shooting BB bullets. In Gun Run you drive round a specially designed course where you and your team mate must navigate the course as fast as possible and score hits on each of the targets. In the Blindfold Challenge you must drive round a fiendishly tight course as fast as possible whilst blindfolded only being guided by your navigator, communication and trust are key for a good time.

All of the events are competitive, timed against the clock with prizes at the end of the day for Top Gun, Top Driver and Top Team.

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Any combination of events are available for booking, you can have driving or shooting days or combine them both for the ultimate day out. Minimum group size is 4 people with a minimum age of 12 years old. Spectators are welcome, full safety equipment will be provided and there is a comfortable meeting/briefing room where everyone can socialise during the course of the day.

To get a real idea of what happens on the day take a look at some of the videos, it the most exciting day out you'll ever have!

Superb! I can't believe how fast you can go on mud!John Smith, Devon
Not tried target shooting before, its a lot more fun than I thought!Kevin Thompson, London
The best fun I've had in a very very long time!Mark Davies, Northumberland
4x4xGunxFun!Peter Stamp, Northumberland